Many eaters stumble upon Jason’s Toridasu when they’re searching for a good sushi restaurant on the Main Line. Repeat patrons rave about the polite and friendly staff, the fresh and simple sushi, and the free miso soup you get with every weekday lunch order.

From the familiar to the inventive, Jason’s lineup of sushi has a little something for everyone. If you prefer a classic, try the California roll, the spicy tuna roll, or the Philadelphia roll with cream cheese and smoked salmon. If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for the Black Dragon roll (a California roll with eel on top) or an authentic piece of raw nigiri or sashimi featuring Ikura (salmon roe), eel, or octopus. To snag a bargain, pick up two California rolls and a bowl of miso soup on Wednesday nights for just $10 at Jason’s Toridasu. It’s an inexpensive and delicious date night idea for anyone living nearby in apartments in Bryn Mawr.