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Care for Your Clothes at Radwyn Apartments With These Tips

March 12, 2015

You spent a lot of money buying clothes that you like so it's only natural that you'd want them to last. To keep your clothes in top shape, follow these tips when washing and caring for your clothes at Radwyn Apartments:

  1. Always sort your clothes. To protect the color and quality of your clothes, make sure to separate them before washing. Wash the lights separately from the darks, especially if you plan on washing denim or new clothes.
  2. Set the water to the right temperature. Use hot water when washing towels, whites, or heavily soiled items. When washing delicate clothing that might bleed or shrink, use cold water.
  3. Choose the right detergent. Different detergents serve different purposes. To remove stains from colored clothing, opt for color-safe bleach. There's also detergent meant specifically for hot water and cold water. Using special detergent can make your clothes last longer.
  4. Care for the zippers. Every few weeks, rub wax on the zippers to prevent them from sticking or catching.

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