Because a few weeks still stand between us and the official start of spring, you may be thinking of new ways to keep your little ones occupied inside your apartment home at Radwyn Apartments. These fun games and activities can cure even the worst cases of cabin fever — in you and the kids! (The quality family time is just an added bonus!)

Family Photo Bingo
This game is best suited for toddlers and younger kids. Modeled after the classic game of Bingo, this activity has you cut out photos of nine members of your family. After you paste your family's photos onto a game board, you call out a family member's name and mark the space with a place marker — just like the actual game of Bingo. Your little one will delight in seeking the person's photo on the game board and yelling "Bingo!"

Marshmallow Tinkertoys
Have a budding architect on your hands? They'll love this fun (and edible!) game. Simply push mini marshmallows onto the ends of thin pretzel sticks, then ask your child to build a house or some other structure. 

Never Melt Snowballs
Even though you're probably sick of the snow here in Bryn Mawr, this fun craft creates lifelike snowballs that never melt. All you need is white yarn and scissors. Create a butterfly shape by wrapping the yarn around your four fingers about 40 times and then knotting the center. Cut the loops on either side, then fluff the strands to create a puffball shape.

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