Cerise, the French word for "cherry," is a fitting name for Chef Ben and wife Elena's eatery in Bryn Mawr. After all, Restaurant Cerise showcases the freshest fruits and vegetables in its dishes, and Chef Ben crafts them with vibrant colors in mind—including the crimson of a cherry. Perhaps the foremost inspiration for this name, however, comes from France itself. When Ben and Elena Thomas visited the open air markets indigenous to Europe, they fell in love with their atmosphere. At Restaurant Cerise, they emulate that vibe not far from Radwyn Apartments.

Bring your own bottle of wine to Restaurant Cerise and pair it with a dish such as cheese croquettes, lamb loin chop, or sweet fry dough tinged with Nutella. You can also dig into a plate of house-made pasta, such as gnocchi and mussels, or hanger steak. Just make sure you save room for the decadent dark chocolate torte and cherry vanilla ice cream.

Restaurant Cerise
1011 W. Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19041
(610) 527-4400