Beer is no longer the casual counterpart to wine. As microbreweries and craft beer become more and more common, many brews enjoy a status as high-class as bottles of fine wine. At Drewby's Grill Pub near Radwyn Apartments, you can measure just how far beer has come by the gourmet fare served alongside it.

Pick your favorite brew—or one you've never heard of—from Drewby's impressive list of pours, or select a martini from the large roster of specialty cocktails, before turning your attention to the food menu. If you're craving something hearty and house-made, opt for Mama's meatballs over spaghetti, all speckled with parmesan cheese. For something lighter, order a salad of greens topped with freshly grilled chicken. If a beer just doesn't taste quite right to you without a burger to accompany it, order Drewby's juicy version, which comes with fries. Customers highly recommend the rosemary-dusted fries, which feature an added layer of flavor that makes all the difference.

Drewby’s Grill Pub
16 South Main Street
Manville, NJ 08835
(908) 685-7125