From Fairmount to Center City, Philly has no shortage of restaurants—or cuisines. The city boasts a veritable melting pot of global fares thanks to its diverse assortment of chefs. As of this past July, Philadelphia can add one more type of cuisine to its ever-growing roster: Tibetan. That’s what the chef is cooking up at the recently opened White Yak in Roxborough.

Tucked away between China and India, Tibet’s food exhibits hints of both. Come to White Yak—which boasts rave customer reviews—to try some of the fusion fare. Start with a traditional app, such as the gyuma, AKA house-made Tibetan beef sausage. Then snack on signature Tibetan momo, or dumplings, stuffed with ingredients like beef, chicken, or veggies. For the main entree, indulge in a classic dish such as the pingsha, featuring sweet potato noodles, baby potatoes, black mushrooms, bok choy, and chunks of tender beef.