If you've ever indulged in an enormous treat from Hope's Cookies, then you probably understand why the Main Line shop has snagged a "Best of Philly" title six times since it opened 20 years ago. Instead of capitalizing on dessert trends, Hope's sticks to the basics. This means the kitchen team always uses natural, whole ingredients that are free of preservatives or anything artificial.

The commitment to quality ingredients makes all the difference at Hope's Cookies. Its decadent double-fudge cookies showcase imported Dutch cocoa and semisweet chips, which converge in an explosion of chocolaty flavors. The White Russian cookies are infused with Kahlua and coffee, plus generous chunks of white chocolate, to create a treat that's both bold and sweet. Then there are the classic sugar cookies speckled with rainbow sprinkles, a tried-and-true confection that always delights the taste buds.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Pezibear