Enjoy Authentic Indian Food on the Main Line at Ekta

January 17, 2018

The cornerstone of any Indian restaurant's menu is the naan, a warm flatbread that's seared to golden-brown in the traditional tandoor oven. At Ekta on the Main Line, the kitchen crafts 12 different varieties of naan. You can go with the classic naan or garlic naan, or opt for an unexpected variety like the basil, mint, or rosemary naan. Some of the breads come stuffed with ingredients like onion, potato, or paneer cheese.

Pick your naan and then use it to scoop up remnants of your main course. Ekta offers a large vegetarian menu packed with dishes such as alu gobi, a dish of cauliflower and potatoes with herbs, onions, and tomato. If you prefer meat, try the chicken tikka masala, the lamb korma, or the Goan shrimp curry. Wash down your dish with a mango lassi, a sweet yogurt-based drink.