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Enjoy Authentic Korean Cuisine at Newly Opened Bam Bam Kitchen in Ardmore

December 6, 2017

You never have to wait more than a minute or two for your server to arrive at Bam Bam Kitchen. That’s because each table is equipped with a call button, which allows you to summon your server or ask for the check with one click (and cancel either request if you change your mind). This set-up allows service to run smoothly at Bam Bam Kitchen, despite the fact that “business is booming,” as one customer noticed, at this newly opened eatery in Ardmore.

So when you come to Bam Bam Kitchen, expect a warm greeting and almost immediate attention from your server. You can also expect a menu of both traditional and inventive Korean cuisine. Try the stone bowl bibimbap, a medley of veggies, rice, and proteins such as bulgogi or pork served in a piping-hot bowl. Dig into the galbi jjim, a dish of braised prime short rib, or the house-made kimchi over fried rice and seafood. Stir fries, soups, and other Korean eats round out the menu. The next time you’re craving an authentic Korean dish, take a short drive from your Bryn Mawr, PA apartment to Bam Bam Kitchen.