Get in Shape for the New Year at Barre3 in Rosemont

January 3, 2018

Before Karyn Pless tried barre3, she was already a committed exerciser, but her workouts lacked any enthusiasm on her part. She trudged through fitness routines to keep her body healthy, but her mind was rarely engaged. Barre3 changed that. Karyn suddenly found herself looking forward to workouts and reaping consistent results in the form of a longer, leaner body. That's why she decided to head up her own studio, barre3 in Rosemont.

You can come to barre3 to experience the workout that made Karyn a fitness enthusiast. The fitness routine incorporates elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates to create an all-encompassing workout that builds strength with a low impact on the muscles. You don't need any prior experience to come to a class, just show up 15 minutes early in comfortable workout attire for a class. You can bring the kids along and leave them in the Play Lounge when you buy a play lounge package.