You probably spend a good bit of your time in the kitchen at Radwyn Apartments, so why not let the kids help you cook? Not only is basic cooking knowledge good for kids to have, it might spark a passion for culinary arts. Here are a few ways to get the children involved in cooking:

  1. Let them measure and pour. The kids will learn how to measure and help out at the same time. They can add milk, flour, or chopped vegetables, for instance, into your mixture.
  2. They can stir. Let the children stir and mix soups, fillings, and batters. The really little ones can mix things with a wooden spoon while the older kids might be able to handle an electric mixer.
  3. Set the table. If you’re busy making dinner, let the kids help to prepare for the meal. They can arrange the napkins and silverware in the correct spot.
  4. Make a menu. Include the kids when you’re planning the family’s meals for the week. Come up with a weekly or nightly menu and explain the foods and the nutritional benefits. Consider letting the children pick a meal and they might be more excited about helping.

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