Wine tastings happen organically all the time—typically when you have a few bottles of wine to spare and friends over for the night. But there are perks to planning a more organized type of wine tasting. To make your evenings in a bit more interesting, try adding these elements to your next wine night at Radwyn Apartments.

  1. Serve snacks. Where there's wine, there should be food. Prepare snacks such as cookies, cheese, and crackers so that your guests can cleanse their palates and fill their stomachs between sips of wine.
  2. Pick a theme. Each wine tasting should have a different theme. For instance, have a Pinot Noir Night or a Chardonnay Happy Hour. Ask each guest to bring a bottle from a different year, part of the world, and label.
  3. Get the glasses ready. You don't need expensive glasses, but you should have enough glasses for all of your guests. Each pour should be an inch below the glass's equator. After every round of tasting, rinse glasses with the kind of wine you will try next so that the previous taste disappears.

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