How the USDA SuperTracker Is Like Having Your Very Own Fitness Trainer at Radwyn Apartments

December 12, 2013

Starting a diet is easy, but sticking to a diet is a whole other story! Available via the USDA's website, the SuperTracker is a free, customizable tool that helps people on a weight loss journey to more effectively realize their weight loss goals.

You can create a profile to create a personalized nutrition plan, or you can simply visit the website for diet advice. The SuperTracker is like having your very own diet coach at Radwyn Apartments! Here are three more benefits of the website. 

Look Up Nutrition Facts with the Food-A-Pedia
Wondering how many calories are in the slice or pizza or piece of cake? This Food-a-pedia provides nutritional information for everything from veggies, fruits, and pasta to rice and desserts, so you can be sure your fridge at Radwyn Apartments is adequately stocked with healthy food.

Track the Foods You Eat
Tracking tools allow you visualize what you're eating throughout the day, which can quickly highlight any eating habits that need to be broken. Graphs, daily limits, and food group targets make it easy to reach for the right foods come mealtime.

Track Your Activity
This part of the SuperTracker enables you to compare your caloric intake against your physical activity, and suggests physical activities that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

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