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Read These 4 Tips That May Help Your Child Sleep Better at Radwyn Apartments

June 12, 2014

Bedtime can be the most challenging time of day for some parents. Getting the kids bathed, changed, and settled into bed in your home at Radwyn Apartments most likely doesn’t always go smoothly. Follow these four tips to help your children unwind and get to sleep more easily:

Watch what they eat right before bed
If your children tend to be hyper before bedtime, think about what they ate in the few hours before. Did they have soda at dinner or ice cream for a snack? Replace those high-sugar items with food or drinks such as milk, peanut butter, or oatmeal that include carbs and protein. These snacks form amino acids that act like the tryptophan, commonly found in turkey, and oftentimes induces a sleepy state.

Limit television time
Statistics show that too much time spent playing video games or watching television can disrupt sleeping patterns. Minimize your child’s TV time for two hours before bed so they can calm down and doze off more quickly.

Have your child checked for allergies
Allergies can sometimes disrupt a child’s sleeping habits. Symptoms such as congestion or itching can make a child uncomfortable while he is trying to sleep. If you think your child may be affected by allergies, have him or her tested.

Don’t use a night light
Even if your child is afraid of the dark, try to avoid using a night light. Complete darkness will help your child sleep better.

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