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Sharing Your Home at Radwyn Apartments With a Struggling Math Student? These Websites Can Help!

March 13, 2014

Sharing your home at Radwyn Apartments with a math student? Not everyone is predisposed to success in mathematics, so if your favorite student is having trouble, read on. Acting as virtual tutors, these two interactive math websites offer instruction and helpful tips in everything from multiplication and long division to fractions and calculus. Who knows? You may soon find yourself proudly displaying an "A+" exam on your fridge at Radwyn Apartments!

Students in first through twelfth grades can benefit from this comprehensive website, which offers exercises in basic math skills and more advanced math subjects, like trigonometry and geometry. Lesson plans are complemented by quizzes and homework help to help ensure success.

Khan Academy
A non-profit organization, Khan Academy's goal is to foster an interest in education in people from all walks of life. The site's expansive content includes assessments, interactive challenges, and helpful videos, all of which can be completed at a student's own pace.

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