Regulars gush about the Vietnamese fare at Pho Street, some of them calling it the "best pho on the Main Line." Its menu encompasses more than just pho, though. It also showcases other foods that arose in 20th Century Vietnam, including vermicelli and broken rice. What was once street food halfway across the globe now shows up on plates at Pho Street in Bryn Mawr just a short distance from Radwyn Apartments.

Chefs use a recipe ripped straight from the streets of Nam Dinh to recreate pho in their kitchen, but the ambience at Pho Street is undeniably better. Sink a spoon into the classic pho dac biet, which teems with steak, brisket, flank steak, soft tendon, tripe, and beef meatballs. Or opt for the chicken, shrimp, or tofu phos, instead. You can also dig into bowls of rice vermicelli, broken rice platters, or even the Vietnamese take on the hoagie, known as banh mi.

Pho Street
1001 W. Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
(610) 527-1413