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Sophia Spa & Nails: A Friendly Spot for a Mani-Pedi

January 9, 2019

If you’re looking for a go-to spot for your regular mani-pedi, Sophia Spa & Nails might be it. Despite the fact that this salon has very little online presence, it’s earned more than 100 rave reviews on Yelp. This makes it something of a hidden gem in Bryn Mawr, and a great alternative if you don’t want to drive into Philly for an expert mani-pedi.

Despite the fact that Sophia Spa & Nails is virtually always busy, the technicians are happy to talk walk-in clients and you’ll rarely wait very long. That’s because the staff is equal parts efficient and meticulous. Though they never rush, they work at a quick clip to get your toenails and fingernails primped and painted to perfection. They offer a large selection of nail polishes, including long-lasting gel, and knock off 10% of the service charge if you pay in cash.