The Ardmore Music Hall near Radwyn Apartments: The Dave Matthews Band’s Old Stomping Grounds

July 16, 2015

Long before they were household names, the Dave Matthews Band and the Red Hot Chili Peppers graced the stage at the Ardmore Music Hall. In fact, the venue not far from Radwyn Apartments has been launching fruitful careers for more than three decades, having first opened its doors in 1980 under the name 23 East Cabaret (a nod to its location on Lancaster Avenue).

After its initial heyday, the Ardmore Music Hall did suffer something of a slump. That quickly came to an end, however, when new owners took over in 2009. They renamed 23 East Cabaret the Ardmore Music Hall and undertook major renovations to create a space that matched the new name. The revamp included the installation of a modern sound system, which emits crystal-clear sound throughout the entire music hall. Clear sightlines match the sound, and a fully stocked bar and kitchen dole out food and drink as shows unfold. Plus, there's free parking, so you're welcome to drive.

The Ardmore Music Hall
23 East Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003
(610) 649-8389