The Tasting Room requires no frills to attract a loyal following. The simple 20-seat cafe offers a handful of glossy wooden tables, vases full of colorful flowers, and a chalkboard menu—and that’s enough. The locally sourced, organic ingredients from the Lancaster Farm-Fresh Co-Op shine all on their own.

The chef at The Tasting Room always remains flexible, creating new dishes regularly based on the ingredients available. And since most of the menu come in three sizes, including a small “taste,” you can try a little bit of everything. Two or three tastes generally equal a full meal, so pick and choose the most tempting eats. You may want to order tastes of the triple mac and cheese, the smoked pulled pork with a black-pepper waffle, and the grilled tofu banh mi sandwich. Or perhaps you’d like an entree-sized (equivalent to two “tastes”) plate of the buttermilk-fried chicken with a side like organic chili and cumin buttered corn. However you make your meal, try to save some room for a dessert like a scoop of local, seasonal ice cream or a slice of zucchini-fudge bundt cake at The Tasting Room.

Seasonal Restaurant Near Bryn Mawr

Public Domain/Pixabay/skeeze