When wealthy brother and sister John and Lydia Morris purchased the land for their summer home in Chestnut Hill back in 1887, it wasn't exactly ripe for the planting. The soil bordered on completely infertile, in fact. Water drained from it too quickly, and it was virtually devoid of the nutrients needed for growth. That didn't stop them from designing and creating a flourishing oasis of plant life at their vacation escape, though. They worked hard to transform the desolate landscape into something spectacular, and you'll still see hints of their hard work at the Morris Arboretum—as their private home eventually became to be known.

The arboretum, which isn't too far from Radwyn Apartments plays host to more than 12,000 plants from 2,500 different species, so there's something in bloom no matter the season. From December until February, visit the arboretum to see hollies and conifers at their most vibrant. March through June, roses and dogwoods are in full bloom. From July through September, you can see hydrangeas and perennials stretching toward the sun. And when September rolls around, oaks and maples take center stage.

Morris Arboretum
100 E. Northwestern Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118
(215) 247-5777