While there are many grassy fields to kick a ball around near Radwyn Apartments, the thrill of soccer is harder to find off the field. The sport doesn't get a lot of coverage here in America, but worry not: More than a few websites exist solely to provide coverage of the sport. Whether you're looking for photos, videos, or in-depth reporting on your favorite players or recent games, these three websites put the fun of soccer at your fingertips.

Who Scored?
Consider Who Scored? your insider's look into the world of European football. This blog is part of the news network Guardian Sport, and boasts posts written by soccer experts. Expect coverage that discusses player transfers, statistics, recent games—even the current state of a whole league.

Fox Soccer Blog
Looking to hear the latest rumors of a player transfer? Read the transfer rumors section of Fox Soccer Blog, where you'll find the latest locker room gossip. What's more, this blog makes readers feel like they're part of the game through photos, detailed analyses, and videos. Follow the blog's humorous Twitter feed to add a chuckle or two your typical soccer coverage.

In-depth sports news coverage is the focus of ESPN FC. Not only can you watch high-quality video of your favorite players in action, this website offers columns and features, plus photo galleries to keep you informed and in-the-know.