Philly's Tinto makes it no secret that when it comes to dining like a Spaniard, wine is perhaps the most important component. Its pair of contemporary dining rooms are embellished with wooden crates stocked with Spanish wines and vintage cork screws, hinting at a wine list that is as lengthy as it is well-curated.

Unlike wine bars that source their bottles from all over the world, Tinto hones in on Spanish wines exclusively. Grab a glass or bottle of wine, red, or sparkling wine—or a pitcher of freshly made sangria, if you prefer—and then turn your attention to Tinto's list of tapas. The menu is just as impressive as the wine list, and not only because it features dishes such as truffled chestnut soup with duck, fried quail egg, mushroom hash, and pistachios (called sopa de castaña). What's almost more impressive is the source of ingredients: a 40-acre organic farm in Ottsville, a distant suburb of Philadelphia. Luna Farm practices sustainable processes, so you can rest assured that your tapas came from responsibly produced ingredients. Make the short trip form Radwyn Apartments to Tinto for a taste.

114 S. 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 665-9150