Residents of the Main Line used to venture all the way to China Town for a proper sip of milk tea, but no more. Since Yi's Boba opened on Lancaster Ave, they can enjoy bubble tea right in Ardmore. The simple shop promises sweet treats, perfect for after dinner at a nearby Asian eatery, so stop by the next time you're craving dessert.

True to its name, Yi's Boba specializes in boba tea. This sweeter incarnation of iced tea comes speckled with chewy tapioca pearls that burst in your mouth after you slurp them up through a wide straw. Regulars highly recommend varieties such as the jasmine milk tea, the passion fruit milk tea, and the taro milk tea. If you're in the mood for a more substantial dessert, try Yi's rolled ice cream. The staff pours liquid ice cream onto a freezing plate and, as it freezes almost instantly, shaves it into rolled-up ribbons topped with the fixings of your choice.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Polymanu