Have You Tried the Bombolone at Sweet Spot Gelato and Soda Pop Shop?

August 7, 2019

There are lots of ways to eat imported Italian gelato at Sweet Spot Gelato and Soda Pop Shop, but the most fun has to be Bombolone-style. This simply means that you choose the gelato you want to try, and then it gets stuffed inside a doughnut. After a final dusting of powdered sugar, you’re ready to sink your teeth into the treat.

Since Sweet Spot opened in May, locals have been flocking here for the unique desserts. Another is the affogato, which is a traditional Italian sweet that pairs piping-hot Italian espresso with your choice of velvety gelato, creating a melty, gooey cup of dessert. Of course, if you just want a scoop or two of straight gelato, you can always grab a cup or cone of sea salt caramel, Sicilian pistachio, or chocolate and hazelnut at Sweet Spot Gelato and Soda Pop Shop. Wash it down with a unique sip from the Soda Wall, which features flavors ranging from birch beer to peanut butter and jelly.