Cut Calories and Fat While Baking in your Kitchen at Radwyn Apartments

July 24, 2014

Just because you're counting calories and fat doesn't mean you have to cut out desserts completely. You can still enjoy many of your favorite goodies at Radwyn Apartments by following these baking tips:

  1. Use applesauce. Applesauce is a healthy alternative to oil. If you're baking a cake or cookies, your dish will be just as soft and moist — and maybe a bit sweeter — if you use applesauce. If the recipe calls for one cup of oil just use one cup of applesauce.
  2. Opt for ground flax seeds. Whether you're making baked goods, dressing, or sauce, replace oil with ground flax seeds by mixing three parts flax seed meal for each part of oil. Make sure, though, that you reduce the baking time for a few minutes to prevent browning. When you're whiping up dressings and sauces, stir the ground flax seeds with hot water, which will produce an oil-like consistency.

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