Looking to fill your kitchen at Radwyn Apartments with the sweet aroma of fresh baked goods? These three baking apps are for you. Whether you’re an expert pastry chef or a beginner baker, these apps provide a wealth of information, from video tutorials and recipes to high-quality photos. Enjoy!

7000 Baking Recipes
On the menu of this free app? Over 7,000 recipes for baked goods, from pies to cakes and everything in between. An easy-to-use interface makes searching for recipes a breeze; you can even browse by ingredients and keywords, and save recipes for later use. The app comes complete with a volume converter and a timer.

Craving cupcakes without the mess or calories? Download Cupcakes! to your iPhone. This fun, silly app allows you to bake a virtual cupcake in a variety of flavors. Then, you apply frosting and fun toppings, like jelly beans, sprinkles, and birthday candles. You can even choose the cupcake liner!