Students Master a New Art Form at Nelly Berman School of Music near Radwyn Apartments

July 23, 2015

There were only seven students in attendance at the first classes held at Nelly Berman School of music back in 1983. But it didn’t take very long for class sizes to begin to grow. That was all thanks to namesake Nelly Berman, whose exceptional skills as an instructor caused the student body to grow by leaps and bounds. Today, the music school teaches more than 400 students the ins and outs of instruments every year with the help of 40 instructors.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Radwyn Apartments, your kids could be among them next year. If your youngsters are serious about music, enroll them as a new student and step back to let the director create a course of study with their input. Once that’s in place, your little one will meet his or her instructors and get to learning. The employees rely on a Russian method of teaching that requires pupils to both understand the technical side of music and fully embrace the emotions that accompany any given piece.

Nelly Berman School of Music
461 W. Lancaster Avenue
Haverford, PA 19041
(610) 896-5105

CC-BY-2.0/Flickr Benjamin A Cowling