Its next-door neighbor, a Borders Bookstore, closed long ago, but The Title Page, an independent and locally owned used book shop, continues to thrive. That’s largely thanks to owner Beverly Potter, a woman with a true passion for literature and people. Her quaint Bryn Mawr bookstore has been thriving for approximately four decades thanks to Beverly’s dedication and expertise.

Nearly every glowing review of The Title Page mentions Beverly’s warmth and obvious knowledge of her inventory as one of the main draws of the store. Even a massive flood in 2012—one that resulted in the destruction of nearly one-third of the shop’s books—couldn’t keep Beverly down for long. She took it as an opportunity to refurbish the shop and reopened it shortly thereafter. To this day, The Title Page continues to promise rare and interesting reads to any book worms lucky enough to stumble upon it, so be sure to check it out!

Local Bookstore near Main Line Apartments

Public Domain/Flickr/freestocks